I was wrong! Or at least benignly misguided!

Years ago when I wrote THE STACKABLE BOOMER I had a few thoughts that maybe our research findings about baby boomers moving from homes in the 'burbs to condos in the sky could apply across all generations. But I ignored those thoughts, because "of course baby boomers are a unique segment of people, unlike any other generation."

Turns out I was wrong. Dead wrong. But the data is still valid: it's just that today we know better.

Today, thanks to the Valuegraphics Database, we know that the things the boomers told us back then will hold true across all demographic segments. So, we re-released The Stackable Boomer; as a kind of prequel to my current book on the end of demographic stereotypes.

You can find The Stackable Boomer with a quick search on Amazon.

If you work in real estate development, architecture, interior design, or urban planning it's worth a read. Plenty of findings you can use: for any generation.

P.S. Watching me walk and talk and shuffle two books is worth the few seconds it takes to view the video! Turns out I'm not @rickmercer after all.