An Offer for Any MBA Program at Any University, Anywhere in the World.


I just got off the phone with one of the department heads of an MBA program in the UK. We've agreed on a date to record a podcast for the students and alumni of that university.

I'm offering to do the same for any other MBA program at any other university in the world: let's make a podcast for your students/alumni and talk about ending the pernicious and pervasive influence of demographic stereotypes in the boardroom.

Technology has made us all more similar to each other than we've ever been. Nobody acts their age anymore. Your gender does not dictate your options to the same extent it did in the past. You can't pick a rich person out of a crowd. Education is not just for a handful of the privileged elite. Yet we still insist on using these demographic labels to (supposedly) understand each other. We still pretend demographics mean something when really they are just a convenient labelling system.

We need a better way to understand each other in a post-demographic world. And now we have it.

We've collected and analyzed a half-million surveys about what people truly care about, using 152 languages, in a statistically relevant sample, from all over the world. The global dataset we've built proves conclusively that demographics have very little impact on how we behave, and the decisions we make.

The data has confirmed what sociologists and psychologists have known all along: what we value determines what we do.

In fact, we've found that values-based strategies can influence an audience as much as 8X more effectively than ever before.

Think of what this means to the entire business ecosystem. Budgeted dollars and hours will be eight times more effective for R&D, product design, marketing, branding, public relations, customer service, and human resources.

As MBA students enter the workforce, they should understand the importance and power of values-based thinking. If you are in a leadership role with an MBA program at a university and this sounds interesting to you, let's talk. Reach out. Meanwhile, I'll keep working on the old guard, the people already out there in the workforce, with my speaking, writing and advisory practice.

Whatever it takes. Because basing everything we do on what we have in common, what we all value, is not only better for business it is better for the world.