Valuegraphics + WeWork Labs in NYC

I had incredible jetlag when this was filmed. Probably the worst I've ever had. I'd just flown to NYC from Dubai, and it was one of those trips where the jetlag grabbed me hard and would not let go.

But the opportunity to speak to the startup community at WeWork Labs was just too cool to pass up, so I drank a million espressos, and this is the result.

Fun Fact: according to the WeWork crew at HQ all WeWork locations were envisioned as places for startups. But look how things have changed: companies of all sizes and stages are outsourcing things whenever possible, including the spaces and places where we work.

WeWork hasn't been *just* about startups for a long time now.

But the WeWork Labs are.

And the entrepreneurial energy in the room and the tough questions after I was finished speaking are evidence of the passion these founders have for the work they are doing. It was a great and humbling experience.