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How to pre-register for We Are All the Same Age Now, by David Allison. 

How to pre-register for We Are All the Same Age Now, by David Allison. 


Here's an update on the forthcoming book. 

These last few weeks feel like they are dragging-by slower than the entire 2.5 years that came before.

However the last conversation I had with the publishing house, just last week, ended on an upbeat note. You see, apparently one of the biggest hold-ups is me, and since they can't control me, they are wary (and rightly so) about identifying an exact date for when the book will be released. It turns out I am fussier-than-anticipated about fonts and leading and kerning, and that makes the whole process take a bit longer. Recently, however, I am apparently behaving myself and giving them a renewed sense of possibility.

As a result they were willing to concede that we should be done very soon. 

It's hard to believe it was 2016 when work on this book began! I had no idea it would be this time-consuming, but in retrospect, it was a fairly complex undertaking so I am not sure what I was expecting.  75,000 surveys is a lot of surveys, by any measure, and they needed to be designed, launched, collected, analyzed and interpreted. Then there's the small matter of my having to learn how to understand sociology and social-science, which was like learning to speak ancient Mesopotamian.  And let's not forget the writing of the book itself. Then the rewriting. So I'm not sure where I ever picked up the notion that this would move along in a snappy fashion. 

But now the release date is imminent.  We are counting weeks, not months or years.  

If you would like to be the second to know (I'll be the first, it's unavoidable) follow this link and sign up. I'll send an email on the happy day. 

Every 50th person on the pre-registration list wins advance access to a do-it-yourself audience Valuegraphics ranking survey, and an hour of video-conference time with yours truly to help you interpret the findings. An hour of me! Just imagine! I only wish I could enter! ;)

I firmly believe business books should exhibit three primary characteristics.  

  1. They should be fun,
  2. they should be over before you know it,
  3. and they should contain at least one big WOW that changes something about how you do your work. 

Hopefully, this book delivers all three of those things for you.

I also hope my book is the beginning of a long conversation that helps us all ditch the imaginary demographic stereotypes that push us apart, and instead embrace the timeless shared human values that bring us together. That's the world I want to see! 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the book. Please, let me know what you think.


Thanks for 

all the support! 

David Allison

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