This Changes Things: Rethinking Marketing 101

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This Changes Things: Rethinking Marketing 101

Thanks to the flattening forces of technology we have entered the post-demographic era: stereotypes based on age, gender, income, marital status and more can no longer be relied on to profile and understand target audience behaviour. This is an enormous shift for anyone involved in any form of consumer engagement, and it’s so new that it has yet to be worked into the curriculum in business schools or marketing programs.  With deep data from the Valuegraphics Database, attendees will leave this session with eyes-wide-open about the end of demographic stereotypes and how counterproductive they can be. They will also learn how to use shared values to profile the audiences they need to reach with as much as eight times greater effectiveness. After all, what we value determines what we do, so knowing the values your target audience shares means you know how to motivate more people more often.  This speech can also be tailored to include custom information for any product, service, brand or industry.

A Short Video TEASER ABOUT the CUSTOM DATA IN This Speech

Every keynote speech David delivers is based on a custom data profile pulled from the 75,000 surveys in the Valuegraphics Database.  No two are ever the same. Attendees leave with concrete and applicable insights about what their audience wants, and what messages will motivate them most. 

David is represented as a keynote speaker by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency.