I've Never Written a Post Like This Before. And I Never Thought I Would. And Then I Met Kate.

Social media friends, can I tell you a quick but important story?


I'll get right to the point: I met the most remarkable woman yesterday. Her name is Kate Moore. Within a few moments of meeting her, I could tell her primary value in life was love.

Since eloping for love decades ago, she's brought up a family of kids (now adults) filled with love. And now she's worried that kids see nasty politics, war, terrorism, bombs, and all the hate that our world seems fixated on, instead of the message that love can conquer all. She worries: "We have no idea what it will be like if a whole generation of kids grows up without knowing that love can fix most things." Her eyes were wide with fear when she said that. It's an unfathomable future to Kate, a world without love.

"We have no idea what the world will be like if a whole generation of kids grows up without knowing that love can fix most things."

Kate is shy, very effusive, but shy. She was wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans. While she drank her coffee she kept putting the paper cup down on the table we were sitting at to do things with her hands.

She put the cup down to move her purse over a few inches. Then she picked the cup up, and put it down again to move the purse back.

She was nervous: talking about her book is opening herself up for criticism, and that’s a scary place to be for anyone who creates anything, and it’s her first time. She’s not the sort of person who is comfortable pointing to her accomplishments, except for her kids…she is happy to point out how amazing her kids are. She’s the Mom from Disney movies, full of compassion, with a twinkly-eyed smile, but she’s not generally full of self-confidence. But now she feels provoked to step up, get past her own fears, and make some noise. And she’s making noise in the most loving way she knows how. It's taken a herculean amount of courage and what we used to call ‘gumption’ to launch her first book for kids, in a series she calls #LoveAlways. This debut book is about a really bad day at kindergarten, and how love fixed things up.


Please buy a copy of her book.

It's $11.95 on Amazon.com, and if even ten people bought a copy she's be encouraged to continue. She’s a little wary of social media, but working to get over that. She's not a marketing whiz, and she didn’t ask me to write this post. She’s perplexed, frankly, about where to go from here. But I know that if you show her just a little bit of love and buy one book for your kid or a child you know, she'll be so shocked and thrilled. She will feel the love. And she'll go on with her mission to spread the word, and we will have a hand in spreading this message. And who knows how far it could go? If you really don’t want to buy a book, share this post with your friends who you think might. Better yet, do both.

My final plug for Kate’s book, this remarkably brave woman who I’ve never met before and will likely never meet again. It's almost Valentine’s Day, and in the spirit of love you should buy a copy of this book because, well, who doesn't need a little feel-good hit right now? I think we all could use a little love.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Spread the Love and Buy Kate’s Book Here.