Live From New York: It's Valuegraphics on Yahoo Finance TV!

Word got around that I was in New York today, so I was invited on to the set of Yahoo Finance TV to talk about my book, and about Valuegraphics in general.

Live TV goes by fast…there’s some minimal standing around and then before you know it you are in a chair and the lights are on and the questions are asked and they they are escorting you off the set. Blink and you will miss it. As you are leaving the studio you glance over your shoulder at the people you just were BFF’s with a few seconds ago (for all of a few seconds)  and want to linger a bit, ask how everyone is doing, shoot the breeze. But they are already talking to the next guest, warming her up, getting her ready for her few seconds of on air BFF-ness. Still, it’s a thrill!

Another thing I noticed: even knowing there are hundreds of thousands of viewers doesn't seem to slow down my rapid-fire delivery. Sometimes I get worried that being a fast-talker gets in the way of my message reaching the most people possible, but I’ve come to realize that ditching demographic stereotypes is worth being excited and passionate about. Hopefully the right people keep up with my hyperactive brain and hear the right things!

I also had it in my head for some reason that this was a ten minute segment, which makes no sense at all: even the President of the United States gets less than 10 minutes.  So I was just getting warmed up when I realized it was time to race to the finish line.

If I had the chance to do this all over again I would, of course, in a heartbeat.  But I’d get all my best “bits” out right off the top. Good life lesson, it’s not always wise to save the best for last.

Thanks to all the great people @YahooFinance TV who made this so easy. I am fully aware that I was guest number 2456987 but you know what? You made me feel like I was Guest Number One. Thank you for that!