I've always had a ton of respect for TRENDWATCHING.COM. And then this happened.


Before I began using Valuegraphics to create post-demographic audience profiles, I owned and ran a successful marketing communications company. I was always fascinated by Market Research Firm TrendWatching, and their uncanny ability to identify movements in the consumer psyche, zero in on the zeitgeist, watch a potential trend turn into a full-fledged trend and know just the right moment to call it. 

My level of respect and excitement elevated to cartoon-fireworks-level enthusiasm when I found reference to one of the foundational trends they are currently monitoring. Post-Demographic Consumerism. 

Clearly we'd been thinking the same thoughts. We must end the reliance on demographic stereotypes, and move the world along past demographics to Valuegraphics. Valuegraphics profiles audiences based on what they care about instead of when they celebrate birthdays. Nobody acts their age anymore, so we need Valuegraphics to predict how an audience will behave instead.

So I called over to the Trendwatching offices in NYC and spoke to Maxwell Luthy, who is the Director of Trends and Insights.

Max and I got along swimmingly, and before I knew it, we had scheduled a second video-call so I could show him what a custom Valuegraphics Audience Profile looks like.

That second call is now behind us, and while we have yet to figure out our secret club handshake, clearly we see a future doing cool things together.

TrendWatching frequently gets called by the biggest brands in the world to help them understand how a particular trend impacts their sector. Valuegraphics can take the baton next, and help that company understand the exact motivating values, wants, needs and expectations of their audience, see how big of an impact that particular trend may be on their behaviour, and detect the verbal and non-verbal messaging that will motivate that target audience the most. 

So, while there is nothing wrong with a peanut butter sandwich, together TrendWatching and Valuegraphics are a peanut butter and jam sandwich, which is infinitely more satisfying. Wouldn't you agree? 

"This is amazing. I'm a convert. Valuegraphics are destined to reduce wasted effort, time and money."  

Maxwell Luthy, Director of Trends and Insights, Trendwatching