Talking to Environmentalists? Start here.

The Environmental Assembly is one of the top ten most powerful Valuegraphics Archetypes. I hope that by sharing what we know we can help organizations understand what triggers will motivate this audience to take action.

Poor old Mother Earth needs our help, more than ever before. Full credit to @jeremyrifkin for pointing out to me that climate change calculations, for the longest time, had missed one key factor: as we all learned in high-school chemistry “matter is neither created or destroyed.” In other words, a massive and unprecedented rainfall in one part of the world means a drought somewhere else.

With this insight it’s become crystal clear that the catastrophic effects of climate change that we thought our children would have to deal with are in fact coming so fast that we will be facing them ourselves. We need to change behaviors, and since what we value determines what we do, I hope Valuegraphics can play some small role.

@gretathurnberg is right. We need to act now, as if the house is on fire, because in fact it is.

David AllisonComment