Big data can now detect what your target audience wants, and what messages will motivate them most.

We can all feel that things are changing. The signs are all around us. Social pressure isn't the weapon of conformity that it used to be. Thanks to the flattening forces of technology we are all more free than ever before to be the best version of ourselves.

This is a fantastic leap forward, but it means we have some infrastructure improvements to make. Chief among these is the system we use to understand the people around us. We can't look at people using demographic categories anymore, because demographic stereotypes don't work like they used to. In fact, we now have statistical proof that can put an end to demographic stereotypes once and for all.

The Valuegraphics Database contains 75,000 surveys with 380 variables we measured about what people value, want, need and expect. There is no significant correlation between - for example - your age – and anything else about who you are. Millennials only agree on those 380 variables 15% of the time. Boomers only agree 13% of the time.

Clearly age doesn't tell you much about a target audience. We might even agree that using age-based stereotypes to understand a target audience is – to be blunt – negligent.

We still need to keep demographics in the marketing toolbox to describe who is in a target audience. You need to know if your target audience is male or female, how old they might be, what kind of income they earn, and so on. Why? Because not all products and services are designed for all people.

But the usefulness of demographics ends right there.

If we want to motivate a target audience we need to move beyond demographics and use Valuegraphics. Valuegraphics detects the shared values of a target audience; what they want, need and expect. Knowing what your target audience values is astonishingly powerful stuff, because what we value determines what we do.

Simply put, Valuegraphics is the first big data tool that can detect what an entire target audience really wants, and what messages will motivate them to do what you'd like them to do.

This insight has never been available's a big leap forward in marketing methodology. 

It can make marketing, design, HR and any other function in an organization exponentially more efficient, because you aren't wasting time or money designing products, services or messages that miss the mark.

After nearly three years of research and analysis, my book on Valuegraphics will be available shortly. It's called We Are All the Same Age Now. If you like, I'll send you an email when the book is available on Amazon. Visit this page and click on the GET NOTIFIED button.

But you don't need to wait for the book.

The Valuegraphics Database has already helped dozens of companies in all kinds of sectors understand and influence their target audience. If you want to know more about how it can help you, let's talk. You can reach me at