New Research: Chinese Consumer Values


New Research: Chinese Consumer Values

A year after creating the Valuegraphics Database for Canada and the USA, the Valuegraphics team tackled China. With 20,000 surveys analyzed, some startling findings will have a significant impact on how your company creates products, services, brands or messages for this market. When compared to Canadian and American consumers, the values of Chinese consumers are very different. But we expected that. What surprised us was the way values impact consumer decisions, and the influence of various values at various times. This is an entirely new research discovery: if you want to do business with China, this information will give you an enormous competitive edge. And of course, it can be customized to your industry or product, service or brand.

A short video teaser on the custom data in this speech 

Every keynote speech David delivers is based on a custom data profile pulled from the 75,000 surveys in the Valuegraphics Database.  No two are ever the same. Attendees leave with concrete and applicable insights about what their audience wants, and what messages will motivate them most. 

David is represented as a keynote speaker by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency.