Look and Listen: Broadcast Media and Valuegraphics

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Look and Listen: Broadcast Media And Valuegraphics

The broadcast media industry isn’t over, in fact, far from it. But the old ways of thinking about broadcast audiences must change if this industry is to stay on course. An 18-24 year old demo does not exhibit the similarities it may have in the past, and in fact, the entire demographic system of programming needs to be reimagined for the post-demographic world. Who are the heavy-users? Who are the non-users? What can be done to increase the share of the former and convert the later to at least occasional use? What do they want to hear? Valuegraphics will provide a solid foundation of data on which to set up a new and innovative model for success. If the attendees of this presentation are from a particular region, or a specific broadcast entity, David can include data about the precise values, wants, needs and expectations of a specific audience.

A short video teaser about the custom data in this speech 

Every keynote speech David delivers is based on a custom data profile pulled from the 75,000 surveys in the Valuegraphics Database.  No two are ever the same. Attendees leave with concrete and applicable insights about what their audience wants, and what messages will motivate them most. 

David is represented as a keynote speaker by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency.  For Advisory work in the Broadcast Media Industry, developing custom Valuegraphics Profiles for specific media brands, David is represented by Momentum Media Marketing.