VALUEGRAPHICS IN USE: Baristas Take Over the Banks.

Somewhere along the line, someone convinced banks and credit unions that what bank customers really want is to go to a coffee shop instead of a bank. Suddenly there is this a race to make bank branches as happy and friendly and coffee-shoppy as possible. I saw a commercial last night for one bank that has gone all in, converting all their branches to convenient places to stop, meet friends, enjoy a cappuccino and check out GIC rates.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favour of anything that gets us away from the cattle-chute-velvet-rope-lineups that last an eternity. But this seems to me, personally speaking, like a giant pendulum swing in the other direction. Would you trust the barista to manage your RRSP?

What does the Valuegraphics Database have to say?

We pulled the data on who goes to bank branches and found out what they want, need and expect. And the results were surprising. At a recent speaking engagement I shared a quick overview of just one Valuegraphics audience for banks and credit unions. That’s what this video is about.

While you watch the video, keep in mind that speaking to a large group can be limiting. If you get into too much detail everyone nods off. So this is a short-and-snappy nugget of the full report on bank customers. If you want to know more, reach out. If not, grab an espresso and watch the video anyway. I hope you’ll find it fun, and you can tease me if you want for being a little bit worked-up about the subject matter in this clip. But please don’t worry, despite my demeanour no bankers were hurt in the making of this speech! :)