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We want Valuegraphics to change the way you look at the world, so there are options for everyone. We love working with consultants, advisors and creative teams so they can deliver better results to their clients. But we are enthusiastic about other ideas that might work too. Talk to us! 


All of our service offerings include a customized Valuegraphics Profile specific to your target audience extrapolated from the 75,000 surveys in the Valuegraphics Database. 




Engage your team in the boardroom, or motivate your entire industry at an annual conference or event. Regardless of the size of the audience, David will prepare a custom Valuegraphics Profile for your brand or industry and provide an engaging one-hour presentation that will give everyone key insights to implement in their work immediately. He is an entertaining and in-demand speaker represented by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency. 




Before your next client brainstorming session, strategy meeting, or marketing team executive retreat, David will create a custom Valuegraphics Profile for your product, service or brand and brief your team on the findings during a one-hour video-conference. You will be set up to lead your upcoming event with statistically accurate data about what will motivate your target audience the most: a great place to start your team session!



David has been deploying and studying Valuegraphics in dozens of industries, and literally wrote the book on the subject. He brings all his insight to the table when he facilitates Valuegraphics Workshops in person. Each workshop begins with a briefing on the Valuegraphics Profile for your target audience, followed by group exercises about what to do with the information. By the time the workshop is over, your team will have reached agreement on how to implement Valuegraphics to boost performance, and what the next steps are. 


Scot Keith, Founder/CEO

One Twenty Three West

Valuegraphics as an audience profiling tool brings great insights to the strategic creative we produce for our clients. We loved having David's research to work with.