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How It Helps

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell."

Seth Godin, Author



brings messaging
science and
motivational data
to every idea
in every department
at every organization. 



For anyone who makes a living on the strength of their ideas, Valuegraphics is a game changer.


Fewer revisions

Small details might be refined, but the big idea is based on audience facts and science.


Protect revenue

The certainty of data and science reduces the cost of multiple revisions.  


Less friction

Data and science supporting the ideas and concepts means fewer opinion-based disagreements


Innovation encouraged

When you know what will motivate your audience, risk is exponentially reduced.


Improved social metrics

Social media content based on what will motivate an audience will improve engagement dramatically.  


Better media plans  

What we value determines what we do, including our choice of media channels.  


Increase employee satisfaction.

Optimize culture around shared team values compared to a benchmark of 75,000 surveys.


Reduce employee churn

Determine which candidates share the values of your current team, before you make an offer.  


Optimize customer journeys

Know the most powerful touchpoints to focus resources, based on values that motivate most.


More effective leadership

Choose new executives and training to respond to the values, wants, needs and expectations of your team.


Strategic planning scrutiny

Valuegraphics provides a framework to scrutinize plans based on what will motivate your audience the most.  


Increase market share

Valuegraphics detects what will influence your audience to take action: your budgets go further, and your objectives are met with more certainty.


Eliminate guesswork & opinions

Organizations can thrive with science, data, and statistics, tempered with experience.


Five Ways Valuegraphics Will Help Your Organization



Valuegraphics will multiply your budget. The insights from a Valuegraphics Profile increase the effectiveness of your messaging as much as eight times. Just imagine if you had an 800% budget increase? 


Valuegraphics simply makes all your initiatives motivate more people more often. 



Valuegraphics mitigates planning risk. Instead of gut feel, or the opinion of the most powerful person in the room, you can settle on a direction based on data. 


Valuegraphics fuels innovation. Now that we can more accurately predict reactions from a target audience, we make it less scary to try new and innovative ideas. 



Valuegraphics can eliminate arguing and politics. Decisions based on audience data saves time and money and reduces the strain on working relationships. All good things!


James Ducommun, Founder and President

Toolbox Design

Before Valuegraphics we spent a lot of time working out what the best approach would be for a particular audience. Now the data does that, and we can be focused on the things we love best: great brands, great strategies and great work.