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We Are All the Same Age Now

Valuegraphics & The End of Demographic Stereotypes

The book that introduces Valuegraphics to the world, and provides the first big data response to post-demographic audience profiles for Canada and the USA. 


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Who Spends What and Why: The Valuegraphics of New Luxury

The New Luxury consumer has an entirely different set of values, wants, needs and expectations than ever before, and what motivates them most might surprise you. Drawing heavily on the 75,000 surveys in the Valuegraphics Database for Canada and the USA, this study cross-references data with findings from a new study of 20,000 consumers from mainland China. Release date 2019. 

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The Boomerennials: Valuegraphics in the Condominium and Apartment Sector

After 20 years in condominium and resort development marketing, this sector is one that David Allison is intimately familiar with. A special subsegment of the Valuegraphics Database proves that neither baby boomers or millennials want to live in a building full of people of the same age. In fact the respondents to our surveys said they would on average spend 15% more than market value to buy a home in a building where everyone had shared values. We found out just what this means, and how to build multi-family for a multi-generational audience.  Release date 2019. Register here to stay notified.

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Video Tutorial: How to Use Valuegraphics

If you’ve seen David deliver a keynote speech, or worked with a Valuegraphics Briefing or Workshop, this video is for you. It gives you quick practical tips on how to use Valuegraphics Profiles. It includes examples of how all your organizational decisions can be originate from data on what will motivate your audience the most.

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Happy Family: Valuegraphics of the Chinese Consumer

From a massive study of 20,000 Valuegraphics survey responses from mainland China, a set of values, wants needs and expectations emerged that are entirely different from the Valuegraphics Database for Canada and the USA. Not only are the values different, the very structure of the value system is entirely different too. How do Chinese consumers view the world? The title of the book gives you a clue. Register here to stay notified about the release date of this first-of-its-kind study.


Margo McKee, Founder, Strategic & Creative Director

Stronger Branding

I've spent my professional life pitching brand strategies to companies in all kinds of industries. With Valuegraphics on my side, my ideas are based on data and science. It closes a loop in audience profiling.