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"David Allison sees and hears the patterns in the noise — and is then able to tell us what the real signal is. He's a born storyteller and people love him."

Douglas Coupland, Artist & Author



DAVID ALLISON INC is a small global advisory that helps consultants, advisors, creative teams, marketers and brands use big data to inform their ideas and strategies. Insights from the Valuegraphics Database identify the values that determine how people will  behave in any given situation, and what will motivate them most. Valuegraphics replaces guesswork and opinions with data, so creative people can focus on making their best, most motivating work. 



Consumer Behavior Expert, Marketing Advisor, Valuegraphics Data Pioneer

After a career spent developing ideas and concepts to engage stakeholders for several hundred organizations, David Allison recognized the need for a more scientific method to determine what really influences a target audience. He worked with a university-based social scientist for two years to build the Valuegraphics Database, guided by a basic principle of sociology, psychology and consumer behavior: what we value determines what we do. The result is Valuegraphics, the first big data tool that gives organizations and industries the data they need to motivate a target audience using core human values, an approach the statistics have shown is as much as eight times more effective than using outdated demographic stereotypes.

  • As the Principal Advisor at David Allison Inc., he uses Valuegraphics to show organizations across disciplines and departments how to use shared human values to engage audiences more effectively.
  • He and Douglas Coupland are partners in Global Treefort Ltd., a global creativity think-tank working with large corporate brands.
  • He also is the Director of Brand Strategy for Meyler Capital, an advisory group focused on the alternative investment industry, with offices in Vancouver and New York.

It’s safe to say he is a trusted advisor and partner to complex organizations around the world, but his leadership background gives him an added perspective.

He launched, and ten years later sold, an award-winning marketing-communications firm, with clients throughout Canada, the United States, Central America and the Caribbean. He was VP Marketing for a firm with 117 offices around the globe, and VP Marketing for a luxury brand with operations in cities across Canada. He has served as a director of the Urban Development Institute, the Contemporary Art Gallery, and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

“It took me a very long time - almost 30 years - to come to what might be called the defining moment in my career,” David says.

He describes it as less of a flash, and more of a gradual realization from presenting concepts in hundreds of boardrooms, that all the creative work he and his teams were doing was based on a faulty system of demographic profiling.

“Nobody acts their age anymore, and labels like gender, income, and marital status don’t help us understand how people will respond in any situation. All these stereotypes are a kind of business astrology; a way to convince ourselves that what we are relying on something more than just guesswork. But we aren't.”

He has devoted his energy and resources to ending our reliance on demographic stereotypes and replacing them with Valuegraphics Profiles.

“Demographic profiling creates a world of products and ideas rooted in divisive categories like young or old, rich or poor, male or female,” he says. “Today more than ever, we need an accurate and effective system based on data, a system that brings us together around the things we believe in and the values we share.”

David is an accomplished keynote speaker at conferences across North America, and has lectured at SFU, UBC, and BCIT. He also taught a full-slate of undergraduate and graduate marketing courses at the University of Calgary School of Business. He has won many accolades and awards, written three books on various market-motivation techniques, and was one of the first to recognize how social media would change the relationship between consumers and companies; publishing his first book, Sell the Truth, to help marketers gain an early-advantage. His new book on Valuegraphics and the end of demographic stereotypes, We Are All The Same Age Now, will be available in Q4 of 2018. 



Much of our work is for teams that create ideas, who already have the resources they need to act on the insights that a Valuegraphics Profile provides. But if you need recommendations, we know just who to talk to. From human resources and recruiting, to creative services and marketing strategy, we can put you in touch with best-in-class partners who know how to leverage what Valuegraphics uncovers about motivating your target audience more often. 


Ryan Laurin, President

Verv Projects

With Valuegraphics Profiles backing up our early-stage work with clients, we are all on track from day one. The time we save going back and forth with revisions has been slashed, and our projects are more profitable as a result.