Eveything starts with a story. But don't take our word for it.....

Joey Bergstein, The Chief Marketing Officer of eco-friendly megabrand Seventh Generation talks about the fundamentals of brand building as he sees them in this excerpt from an article originally published by Think with Google in September 2012. 

Think with Google: What do you see as the fundamentals of brand building?

Joey Bergstein: First, you have to start with great storytelling. Know what your brand is all about, what it stands for, what your mission is, and be able to tell the story in a compelling way.

From there, understand the target consumer. They may not be like the vast majority. Clearly define who they are, and be confident that doing a good job on the core target consumer has a far-reaching impact.

Part of understanding the consumer is understanding the challenge, the behavior change you are trying to incite. Is the customer unaware of your brand? Have the tried it but are not buying frequently? At Seventh Generation, we have passionate consumers. Even before we try to bring in new ones, we think about how to get people already in our franchise to buy more products or to tell their friends.

Marketing plans should be in service of delivering against those simple core objectives.