I'm a Keynote Speaker at the Calgary BUILDEX Conference!

During any kind of gloom and economic cloudiness, in any industry, those who use the opportunity to establish a famous brand will survive and prosper as the clouds disappear and the blue skies return.

But for the Interior Design profession, it’s not just economic bad weather that should be on your radar screens. Technology approaching at lightning-fast speeds will change your industry in ways you can’t even imagine. Demand for entirely rethought housing, office and retail space are being created as demographic shifts of historic proportions roll over the horizon.

So what should you do?

Learn how your unique story, your brand, can be the most important asset you have as the industry and the economy change all around you. Hear before anyone else what the newest technologies and cultural shifts will mean to the value of your profession, your company, and your career.

Leave armed with macro-level insights on the future, and a plan to prepare yourself with the most powerful tool you have at your disposal: your own brand and your own story.