About US

"David Allison sees and hears the patterns in the noise — and is then able to tell us what the real signal is. He's a born storyteller and people love him."

Douglas Coupland, Artist & Author



DAVID ALLISON INC is a small global advisory that helps consultants, advisors, creative teams, marketers and brands use big data to inform their ideas and strategies. Insights from the Valuegraphics Database identify the values that determine how people will  behave in any given situation. Valuegraphics replaces guesswork and opinions with data, so creative people can make their best, most motivating work. 



David began work in advertising agencies and as a writer in 1985. Since then he has helped motivate audiences for some of the world's largest brands. In 2015, he sold his ten-year-old marketing agency and launched DAVID ALLISON INC. Today he works as an author, researcher, facilitator and advisor. He is represented by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency, and his fourth book, We Are All The Same Age Now, will be published in 2018. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, collects contemporary art, and volunteers his time with various arts & culture organizations. 



Much of our work is for teams that create ideas, and already have the resources they need to act on the insights that a Valuegraphics Profile will yield. But if you need recommendations, we know just who to talk to. From human resources and recruiting, to creative services and marketing strategy, we can put you in touch with best-in-class partners who know how to leverage what Valuegraphics uncovers about motivating your target audience more often. 


Ryan Laurin, President

Verv Projects

With Valuegraphics Profiles backing up our early-stage work with clients, we are all on track from day one. The time we save going back and forth with revisions has been slashed, and our projects are more profitable as a result.